Design and Buildability Input

I believe that a technical design review is as important as an aesthetic review, to ensure that the design is on-track, buildable and deliverable. Regular reviews save architects  time and money by avoiding re-working of designs.

Architects really appreciate my input to design, particularly drawing on my 25 years as a contractor; I know the practicalities of building. I give contractor style input early in the design process and help to spot information gaps and inconsistencies.

Key areas, which crop-up very frequently, are movements and tolerances, especially on large projects where the temporary conditions might be important, water tightness in all its aspects and interfaces, especially junctions, which are often not detailed.

I have a saying: “Architects think, contractors do”, in other words contractors will only do as they are told; it is very dangerous for them to think and misinterpret designs!

Orbit Architects has appreciated this service for many years; my regular reviews are part of its QA system.