Charles Rich

My full resume and biographical journey since 1964 are on the Charles Rich Consultancy Website

In a nutshell I spent 25 years in contracting’ delivering design on many diverse major projects both at home and overseas. I then spent 18 years at Foster + Partners where I was a partner responsible for coordinating new business enquires, negotiating fees and appointments, and heading-up the Project Support Group, which provided management support to the projects, design reviews and buildability input, and liaison with Clients and Contractors. I left in 2006 to start my own consultancy, almost immediately architects started approaching me for help and advice, which happened regularly from then on, so that the client list is now over 40 strong.

I have a deep and intimate knowledge of what makes a successful architectural practice.

I have been at Middlesex University since 2010 and have been senior lecturer on MSc in BIM Management since its inception in 2012 and BSc in Architectural Technology.

John Greene

John  has over 40 years experience in the construction industry in the UK and overseas, in the contractor and project management roles for building projects. The majority of this time has been spent in project planning and project logistics, particularly during the concept and early development stages.

John’s expertise is giving buildabilty input into the design, forecasting construction project durations, resourcing and logistics from concept through design development into implementation.

He is also able to plan design and help architects draw-up their own project plans both internally and for the design team.