It is important to enjoy being an architect and to have fun designing. I can help you to achieve more time for this.

The most called up on services are for advice on appointments and for design and buildability reviews and Practice management

I am often called upon to advise on contract administration, particularly regarding how to respond to contractor claims or other situations regarding the building contract. My previous life as a contractor means that I do understand where the contractor is coming from. However, always remember that the contract is a script; it will usually tell you what to do and when to do it.

I also sometimes get calls about late payments, or difficulties in getting additional fees, I can help you to resolve these problems.

Then there are the boring bits, but important, like QA, BIM management, and other admin tasks: in other words the things which take you away from doing architecture. I will be happy to help you to set things up to give you more design time.